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Manson’s system is purposefully simplistic and straightforward, but I’ve never found a simple system I couldn’t needlessly over-complicate. It sounds obvious – you should, in an ideal world, find your prospective partner physically attractive.


You should look forward to their reply, you should check your phone every now and then to see if you missed a message, you should have that tiny frisson of worry every time you think it’s been a bit too long since they last said anything. You should be replying to them straight away – or at least thinking about it, mentally composing your response.With the other, I’d usually wait a while before reading a text if it came through while I was working, I’d rattle off a quick reply, and I wouldn’t think much of it if she took her time in responding.Occasionally I even felt a pang of disappointment when my phone went off and I realized I had a message from her, and not the other girl.Now, I say this as someone who is positively awful at small talk and dreads talking to strangers. I get that sometimes you’re always going to struggle to find something witty to say or naturally segue to a new topic.I’ve had dates that have felt like there’s more silence than conversation, so I know it isn’t always easy.The report first surfaced in Chinese media outlet Sina, which noted that Wei Qian Ya updated her Weibo account to feature an old photo of her and Luhan.

It’s believed that Luhan had a crush on Wei when they were in school together, but she rejected him.

But with the right person, conversation should flow more freely. You need that ‘Fuck Yes’ confidence for when the shit inevitably hits the fan – be that a pregnancy scare, health problems, job loss, or any number of other things – the two of you will be looking out for one another.

You should have enough in common, and enough to talk about, that things just naturally keep moving for the most part. If there’s any concern they won’t be able to handle it when things get heavy, or you for them, it’s a ‘Fuck No’.

Being ‘Fuck Yes’ about the physical stuff doesn’t mean you can’t see any flaws – it means you don’t care about those flaws, that there’s enough other stuff about them that does turn you on that the imperfections just fall by the wayside.

Sure, long-term the physical attraction is less important than the mental and emotional stuff, and there’s no guarantee it’ll last, but you really want to have something here to get going with.

But otherwise, there are no signs that she is his new girlfriend.

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