Xm radio says updating

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Any obstructions, including trees, surrounding buildings, etc. A clear view of the sky is mandatory for receiving uninterrupted music radio.For music for business applications, the antenna must be located outside – there are no exceptions to this rule.5.

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Trying to get through to XM is like trying to herd cats. Trying to get through to XM is like trying to herd cats. (stepping down now) Hope you get your issue resolved.

If you hear your background music through the headphones, the problem is with the amplifier or speakers.

If no audio comes through the headphones, your probably have a defective business radio.

If when directly connected the “antenna” message is displayed, there is likely a bad antenna or antenna port on the radio.3.

Make sure your antenna is located outside your building (preferable on the roof) and has a clear view of the sky.

Thanks, Bill Hello, I will be glad to try and assist you with this, Welcome to Just Answer. Do all other FM and AM radio stations operate correctly? Yes, we receive the preview channel and it comes through crystal clear.

They said we are reading the satellite since we can heat the previews. It does sound like the satellite reciever is operating as it does receive the preview channels,they are correct to assume this is with the vehicles audio system and not the satellite signal,antennae or reciever.

The satellite radio just says updating, but never actually updates.

Contacted XM several times to resend the signal, but it's not working.

If you are using an antenna extension kit, make sure you have the inline amplifier is directly connected to the 20 foot lead from the antenna.

The ANT port of the amplifier should be pointing toward the antenna, and the REC port of the amplifier should be pointing toward the radio.

Simply wait a few minutes and your radio will be receiving your music for business subscription package.