Xbmc music library not updating

22-Jul-2019 02:50 by 9 Comments

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If you "Connect your TV to the internet" as the Home screen tells you to, the screen is filled with ads! Download the file (or whatever it is called) and copy on to a USB stick.Makes more sense now how Soniq is able to be so cheap. Insert the USB stick into the TV and go to "All Apps" and open "File Manager" and navigate your way to the USB stick and click on the file.

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Question is: is there a way how to update both libraries on RPi2 once I finish updating in the Media Elch?

I actually didn't expect to find anything when I Googled this issue, so was amazed when I saw people having exactly the same problem, and a solution being offered that worked. I presume you can't force your media player to 1920x1080? It's not so much about wanting to change the home screen. Just don't want to have to compulsorily see it every time I start up.

I'd like to call it if I need it and otherwise never know it was there.

Thanks Holy crap I was just about to make this exact same thread. I'm using the E55V13A 55" plugged into my PC as a second screen and I basically just leave the TV on all day because of its 15 second boot time the stupid Home screen that the TV defaults to, and requires you to press the big green Home button all the damn time. That extra step of pressing the green home button is genuinely a reason I wouldn't recommend this TV.

I've been praying for a firmware update or something to remove this annoying step, but I don't think it's going to happen. Firstly you need to get hold of an Android app called Autostart, search for "Autostart no root v2.1" (it's free).

I have a soniq smart tv, whenever i turn it on it defaults to a cinavision home page requiring me to press a home key on the remote everytime to enter full screen tv.

Is there a way to set the tv to default to the tv in full screen mode?

– Auto Start v2.1 (mentioned above) Paid apps I own but had to put on by APK – Plex v3.3.2 – works well except it squashes video that does not have "square" pixels, but this is a known bug with Plex on some Android devices. The problem with this for me is that sometimes my media centre picks up the lower resolution of the TV preview window on the menu screen, and changes resolution accordingly.

– Minecraft v0.8.1 – using the LAN, the kids link the TV to their i Pads and use the TV big screen for a birds eye view and their i Pads for building – Clash of Clans v6.108.2 – works but a bit clunky with the small keyboard Failed Apps – Google Play Store – could not get any version to work (I have not given up yet) – Foxtel Go v1.4.1 – it's not a Galaxy! Then when the TV does go fullscreen, the media centre sometimes doesn't switch back to 1920x1080 and so things look a bit weird until I restart the media centre.

– Start delay(s) – 0 – Next app delay – 3 (not used) – deselect Show notifications at boot-up – deselect Goto Home screen after autostart Exit Turn off the TV and turn it back on again.

The Cinevision screen should come up and then change to full screen on the source it was on before you switched it off.

Hi there, Hats off to you for getting XBMC 13.1 working. VGoghs In XBMC, turn hardware acceleration on and disable both options then turn it off again. Cheers, Nick PS Amazon Store (which works on the Soniq) has Plex as a free app atm.