Www speeddating co

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Www speeddating co

"They get a good conversation going and hopefully that's where God steps in."She recommends waiting at least three months before dating exclusively and not to jump into marriage quickly. She declined to reveal how much the business earns, but said it was "substantial," adding, "It's a 24/7 job." For some, taking part in the exercise opens their eyes to the redeeming qualities of an old flame.

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These guys like to go out and hook up with loose women.

She says she creates a space where "intentional dating" can take place, with an aim towards marriage, not just "falling into the big dating pool in Denver," she said.

Lakewood's historic Casa Bonita restaurant was the site of Basquez's most recent speed-dating event Sunday.

So far, Basquez says her company, Catholic Speed Dating, and affiliated blind dating match service Faith Match, have been credited with 30 marriages – and even more people have used her service and later found someone to marry.

She said many are professionals, doctors, dentists, FBI agents, people who travel for work and don't really socialize with people who would make good marriage partners.

"As my 71-year-old mother would say, 'It's not over til it's over.' And that means until your life is over.

She's been married for 57 years." Of course, many first-timers are nervous.A string of nuptials after her first event led her to think she was providing a service that was needed -- and divinely inspired."This makes people refocus and make [dating] a priority in their lives, and not just pass up somebody they want to date," she said. She charges around per person, including a meal."We aren't meant to be broken-hearted for a long time.When we are intentional and focus, we can get results," she said.Plus, it forces you to get out and spend a couple hours talking to people," he said.