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You get a sense of the food eaten and games played as spectators whiled away the hours in the stands; appreciate the hierarchy of Roman society by studying seating arrangements; admire the artwork that once adorned the walls of the stadium; and marvel at the engineering mechanisms employed to carry out the competition.This one monument serves as a microcosm of all facets of Roman society.

At the entrance to the Metro station is a taxi stand and café to purchase cappuccino or souvenirs.

This experience included one hour in the Colosseum and another hour of Palatine Hill.

Because I had a 2 day pass, I figured the guided tour would orient me to the site, and I could then go back and soak in the details at my own pace.

Image: inscription on marble for the seat of a Roman Senator named Clodius Ablabius Reginus A piece of advice for visiting, buy your tickets ahead of time.

Tickets can be purchased from home, online, and printed out to have in hand when you arrive at the site – click here to purchase tickets from the official Italian website.

However, enough remains to awe and appreciate what it once was.

After walking the inner and outer perimeter passageways, I wandered back to the museum housed on the 2nd floor.

The first dish of this marvelous menu doesn’t need introduction.

The famous Judiones de la Granja made at the San Martín Restaurant contain in each bite all the flavors of Segovia.

Coming from America’s sports-saturated culture, it was fascinating to stand on the original ground where sport-itself was used to not only entertain, but control, the masses. Today’s Colosseum is of course only the remains of the wonder used for gladiatorial contests until 500 AD.

The ruins of the amphitheater have survived fires, earthquakes, and being quarried for its marble.

If you were not able to purchase your ticket ahead of time at home, you can also take the very short walk down to the entrance of Palatine Hill.

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