Wpf selectedvalue not updating

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It would have been better for lame user to understand if it had the solution/source code file with this in zip. They are reading this and they dont know what data binding is.

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This allows us to set the Current Item from the View Model as well as get notified whenever the Current Item changes.

Error Template for the Radio Button to be empty than you can remove the red border.

So, in a style that's applied to your Radio Buttons: "If you bind the Is Checked property to a boolean and check the Radio Button, the value gets True.

If you select option 1, then option 2, and option 3, it works.

But now if you go back and select option1, your view do not communicate with View Model.

So after clicking on each radio button, they all eventually get checked with no way to undo it. This because the Binding on Is Checked mysteriously disappears. And I've yet to find a working solution to this problem. You also need to elaborate that we need to implement INotify Property Changed for the data source class in order to trigger other radio buttons to update themselves, so that the mutual exclusivity is in effect.

Your example works to an extent, but now I am totally spooked with using Radio Button and databinding. NET 4.0, I think Microsoft still has some bugs here.

I’m not sure yet whether using Collection View is a better approach than the alternatives I have seen which bind the Selected Value or Selected Item property.

I would be interested to hear in the comments if you think either approach has benefits over the other.

One consideration is that Silverlight doesn’t seem to support Collection View at the moment.

control has its name from old analog radios which had a number of programmable station buttons. To define which Radio Buttons belong togehter, you have to set the Amazaed to see so many dumb People.

However, since we have mutiple group names, we move to the next radio button. Can we pass the content of radio button to converter class some how?

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    Or – B) You can try to sequentially stop services (one by one) until CPU resources come back to normal. After you have figured out the culprit service or program, then navigate to Services in Computer Management to disable that service (or totally remove the culprit program). At Services management window, right-click at the culprit service and choose Properties.