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One level of each of these heroes far surpasses thousands of levels of the previous hero because the gap between each of these heroes is so wide.1.0e10 Update – Xavira, Cadu, Ceus, The Maw, Yachiyl Quick Reference Guide You can use this regilding chart as an easy reference tool for when to move your gilds.

Wepwawet, Betty & Midas At level 1500, Wepwawet unlocks an ability that gives Betty Clicker a huge DPS boost.Every transcension, upon defeating the boss at level 100 for the first time, and every 10th level after that, you will receive 1 gilded hero at random.As you get farther into the game, you can start moving the gilds to other heroes in order to increase your DPS.This guide will help you determine when to start moving gilds and which hero(es) to place the gilds on.The Power 5 Until you’re at the point where you can spend 80 HS per gild to directly move gilds to The Masked Samurai, you’ll be leveling the “Power 5”: Treebeast, Ivan, Brittany, the Seer and Samurai.Then, with your expert Rick Steves guide, you'll wind your way south, savoring the perfectly preserved châteaux of the Loire, prehistoric caves and traditional markets of the Dordogne, the medieval city of Carcassonne, the Roman Pont du Gard, and a French Riviera finale in Nice. We'll begin our day with a walking tour of Chartres' pedestrian-friendly, stream-straddling old town.

Great as these sights are, they're just the lyrics — the culture of France provides the melody you'll never forget. Then we'll be treated to a scholar's tour of the famed cathedral of Chartres.

If you can get Wepwawet to 5000 without slowing down, then you can skip both Betty and Midas.

Beyond that, Wepwawet and Gog alternate being optimal every 500 levels, After Transcending Once you’ve transcended a couple of times, you can skip the random regilding into the Power 5 and head straight to Samurai.

Join us for Loire to the South of France in 13 Days. Then we'll take an orientation walk through our neighborhood, followed by time to get acquainted over dinner together. One of the most impressive structures in all of Europe, it is also home to some of the world's finest medieval stained glass, and the veil of Mary. This morning we'll say to Chartres and drive south to the Loire Valley, the land of a thousand châteaux.

The rest of your day is free to explore the town, or to learn more about the art of creating stained glass. You'll have some free time in the charming town of Amboise, where you could visit the home of Leonardo da Vinci (even grab a little lunch there) and study working models of the Renaissance Man's cleverest inventions. This morning we'll drive east through the scenic Languedoc-Roussillon region.

If the weather is hot, we may even stop for a swim along the way. Our day will end in nearby Arles, where we'll have dinner together and sleep (2 nights). Your local guide will lace together stories of its impressive Roman Arena, Classical Theater, and Forum — and tales of Vincent van Gogh, who lived and painted in this neighborhood just over a century ago. This morning we'll drive to the hill town of Les Baux, and enjoy sweeping views of the Provençal countryside from atop the ruins of its medieval citadel. Upon arrival in Nice, we'll check into our hotel before setting out on an orientation walk through the Italian-feeling Old City and seaside promenade. We'll then follow the narrow streets of the Italianate Old City to the spacious boulevards and shopping promenades of the city's newer side.