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Wall grazing fixtures at all perimeter rooms give the illusion of exterior windows and create depth in the space.

Historically it contained a mix of residential and civic buildings, including churches and the former city hall southwest of the library.

The existing mid-century library building has some attractive features.

Originally, two too-low support zones flanked a vaulted clear-span reading room with generous clerestories at the north and a delightful grouping of angled stone walls and windows at the south.

However, from the beginning some support zones and meeting spaces were in a windowless basement.

Later, the footprint was doubled; the section was extruded further, the nearly windowless low zone wrapped around the north end, and the north clerestory necessarily shortened.

As much as possible within its scope, the project reconnects Central Avenue and the Pleasant Hill neighborhood in a more pedestrian friendly manner, while creating a civic landmark at the entrance from Veterans Parkway.

The new library anchors the northwest corner of the site with a dramatic corner and rhythmically composed facades behind lawns along the streets.This moderate-speed parkway includes naturalized areas and a multi-use trail along its south side, though a rail line and some utilitarian industrial buildings remain to the north.Maple Avenue provides the first of three vehicular entrances to the downtown.As part of the glazing wall separation, social seating areas offer the ambience of electric fireplaces viewable from both sides of the wall.Decorative 3-Form components (used on the ceiling and wall planes) and custom digital wallcoverings bring personalized detail to the client.is the n°1 free sex date site for uninhibited people who want more out of life.