Who is tinsley mortimer dating

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If she wanted the conversation to be private, she should have taken Ramona aside, away from a small round table of nosey girls.

Before it all went south, Mortimer was a darling of New York society.

"When Tinsley first appeared on the scene and was married to Topper, she was very prominent and she always wore amazing dresses and was invited to all the major social galas," says Steve Eichner, a longtime WWD photographer and founder of a photography app, Name Face.

Check out this week’s Bravo Blog where she spills on her date and read between the lines; it’s implied that they’re currently an item!

It was fun to get together with everyone for dinner at the steakhouse, but can you all lay off about the hair?! Bethenny really surprised me when she called me out for noticing her conversation with Ramona.

Carole does not give compliments easily, so she clearly really likes this guy. Does anyone out there believe in love at first sight?!

I certainly didn’t until locking eyes with cute Scott from Chicago. Between the Tito’s and Leo’s and loving lounging by a pool instead of a beach, this guy is right up my alley…not to mention he is also a modest self-made man who claims to be a computer nerd…just what I was looking for! While she could easily be playing it up for the purposes of matching the plot of the episode that's just aired, those certainly don't sound like the words of a jaded person who's just been through a breakup.Unless something has happened in a very, very short period of time, I'm going to go out on a limb here and say there is no trouble in paradise. They married again in Richmond in 2002, this time with a proper New York is full of well-connected young women with good educations.Mortimer wanted more, and she got it with some help from R. Hay recalls an evening about 15 years ago when Mortimer approached him at a party at the Guggenheim Museum. Although her game was a bit rusty and she got a bit tipsy she clearly hit it off with Carole and Adam’s friend’s friend Scott Kluth!