Who is lisa mitchell dating

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Who is lisa mitchell dating

Her relationship with Phil, Louise's biological father, had been difficult and so she wanted to keep her daughter away from him.

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Phil went on to marry Kate, and Lisa returned on their wedding day, determined to get her daughter back.Louise denies taking the money and says she thinks that her family no longer cares about Phil's health until Shirley and Kathy Sullivan (Gillian Taylforth) agree to visit Phil in the hospital.Later in the café, Louise is harsh towards Sharon about her attitude towards Phil, convincing Sharon to go to the hospital, where she learns that Phil has discharged himself from the hepatology ward, making Sharon realise that Louise was right.Lisa later calls Louise as she knows she is not in school, but Louise tells her not to call her if it happens again.Louise later notices Jay Brown (Jamie Borthwick) and smiles at him, but leaves hastily after seeing Ben Harry Reid.He was suspected of murdering Lisa, and the police sent an undercover officer, Kate Morton (using the name Kate Tyler), to get a confession.

It was revealed that Phil bullied Lisa into giving him custody.

Louise Mitchell (also Fowler) made her first appearance 5th November 2001.

Louise returned in early 2016 following a five year absence, now played by Tilly Keeper.

Eventually, Phil finds Louise, now 14 years old, at her school and gives her the money, but she is not interested in taking it or making amends with her father, until Phil suddenly collapses and loses consciousness. After telling her about Phil, Shirley takes Louise to see the family and informs them that Phil collapsed at her school before being taken to the hospital due to his liver.

Sharon refuses to believe Louise, having been told of it from Phil the previous night, and claims Louise is being paid by Phil to facilitate a lie.

The night starts off calm until Louise notices a crowd of teenagers rampage through the front door.

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