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Perhaps none is more beloved than "Murder on the Orient Express." It's been told and re-told several times.

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Wallander's social life takes a positive turn when his daughter Linda signs him up at a dating service and he gets a call from an attractive divorcée. As the first film of the English Wallander mini-series set a shining example, the second installment was a bit of a let-down in my eyes.It's the Venice-Simplon Orient Express, made up of historic 1920s carriages reminiscent of the legendary train dating back to the 1800s, which transported passengers between Paris and Istanbul in high style."It is incredible," said James Pritchard.If his name is not recognizable, his great-grandmother's certainly is: Agatha Christie."I probably feel as close to my great-grandmother at this point as I ever have," Pritchard said. You do feel a sense of history here."An avid traveler, Christie was a regular on the Orient Express, which she called "the train of her dreams."No wonder it was the setting for her most famous tale of murder.Judi Dench, Johnny Depp, Michelle Pfeiffer, Kenneth Branagh...they’re ALL on the passenger list for a first-class reinvention of Agatha Christie’s Orient Express.The book's large number of supporting characters allowed Branagh to cast stars keen to take roles that were chunkier than cameos but did not demand too much of their time.

Even so, putting together a schedule capable of catering to the collective calendars of Depp, Pfeiffer, Cruz, et al. "It was a ton of planning, I'll tell you," the director concedes.The item is so extravagantly outsize it almost seems more alien face-hugger than facial fuzz. "Poirot is always well-groomed, whether on the page or the screen.The Belgian's care over his appearance reflects an obsessively meticulous nature, which enables him to investigate the most complex and horrific of crimes, including the brutal attack at the center of Murder on the Orient Express.He is Denis Falk and the police learn that he had just recently been given a clean bill of health after a thorough medical exam.When Sonja escapes from her jail cell and Falk's body is stolen from a mortuary, the police discover a link between the two.Inspector Wallander and his team investigate a murder and an unexplained death.

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