Who is janeane garofalo dating

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Who is janeane garofalo dating

The world was not, in fact, eagerly anticipating my arrival and waiting to hand me an array of opportunities.

I just wonder how many self-indulgent, self-hating rebels I dated as a result of this movie, waiting for them to turn sweet right at the 90-minute mark.Aside from the pixie, valedictorian and friendships part, Lelaina and I were totally alike — which is to say that we both had somewhat overindulgent divorced parents.But I wanted to have a best friend like Vickie, who worked at the Gap and giggled with me as we blasted Squeeze songs while tossing cigarette butts out our car windows!(2003) · Patty Big Trouble (2-Apr-2002) Martin & Orloff (11-Mar-2002) Gigantic (A Tale of Two Johns) (10-Mar-2002) · Herself The Laramie Project (10-Jan-2002) · Catherine Connolly The Search for John Gissing (11-Nov-2001) Wet Hot American Summer (23-Jan-2001) · Beth The Thin Pink Line (7-Oct-2000) The Adventures of Rocky & Bullwinkle (24-Jun-2000) · Minnie Mogul Titan A. I had recently graduated from college and simultaneously just realized that nothing in the world was the way I thought it was.But the culture shock in her senior year of high school caused acute depression, and she got fat (5'1", 160 pounds).

After graduation, Garofalo headed off to Providence College in Rhode Island, where she decided to try stand-up comedy, which soon inspired the plump 20-year-old to undergo breast reduction surgery.

Troy, I now see with perfect clarity, is an annoying, self-indulgent, vindictive, unemployed terrible musician.

Those affectations of his that I saw as unspeakably sexy — his speeches about how he sits back with his Camel straits, his disdain for authority of any kind, his ability to provide a dictionary definition of the word irony and his tendency to sleep with random groupies among them — are, I now understand, qualities that render him not just un-date-able but possibly un-friend-able as well.

After a slew of supporting roles im films including 1994's Reality Bites, Garofalo pinned her hopes on playing the wife in Flirting With Disaster.

She lost out to Patricia Arquette, reportedly because the producers thought she was too fat.

Father: Carmine Garofalo (Exxon executive)Mother: Joan (secretary at Conoco-Phillips, d.