Who is gilbert arenas dating now

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I just learned about Lindsay and her baby three weeks ago!!!

You disappeared for a few months so I went back to doing me! Let’s skip all past the shit you put me and the babies thru In between!Well love muffins, you may want to grab yourselves a big cup and have a seat for this one, because this is a LOT of tea. Even as far as sleeping with some of my family members! I got prego with Izela (9) right after Alijah (8) a miscarriage then Hamiley (5) right after Aloni (4). And Now Have Step kids The Same ages as Our children (which is cute … My Babies Are educationally sound, they wake up ever day with a smile on there face! But you think it’s cute to have fathered a baby while we were still together, with a woman who already has three daughters with another NFL man, and had to get a blood test with your baby because she did not know who the father was! You tell everyone what your doing for me and Our babies!!!We here at obtained a copy of an email sent to Gilbert Arenas (and a few others) from Laura Govan’s email account, and in it, Laura puts their entire relationship history on BLAST. It’s REALLY SAD THAT NOW U HAVE SOOOOO MUCH TO SAY!!! Knowing that I won’t speak out to the public about our family matters because I’m much older now and know better! I won’t do it to them for your few seconds like you and your mental lapse! Our family and real freinds know ALL that you put me thru!Now this email has been tried, tested and verified as 100% authentic and was indeed sent by Laura to Gilbert, but under what context, we’re not sure. When we came here I was already here working because we were not together. Since I’ve known you 2001 ok, you HAVE ALWAYSSSS SLEPT AROUND! Your trying to Take My Home from Me with Our Four Kids and Move in Ur New Baby With Someone else Four Kids lol! You have taken All Our Cars & Now Want to Take the only One I can drive them in but ur a Good Father? You Want our Babies To Walk Around Like Its Fashion Week!I’m trying my best to Now stay away from you drama as much as possible getting my own things and life together (don’t knock my hustle) with out the drama of you trying to destroy me for your own pleasure ….

I just want for the sake of our children for us to coparent and get along for the sake of them!We moved to the hidden hills, which our nanny Ashly U started sleeping with and Still today sleep with her …U then too were sleeping with Jonsey ( which was my so called friend)! Which is crazy because you Business partner told on you and had you on a three way call and You Then told on yourself!She has been in the media due to her and Gilbert's custody issues, child support issues, and her being part of the 'Los Angeles Basketball Wives' cast.Gilbert Arenas is gunning for his ex-wife in court for repeating an STD claim about him that already cost her 0k ... The ex-NBA star filed a defamation lawsuit against Laura…I don’t hate nor care about all your STUFF you have done anymore!!

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