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It was just eight years ago, the artist Dash Snow, another member of the downtown set, passed away and now, with Cho's death, the city has lost another beloved, young force of nature.Here, the motley crew who made up his inner circle reminisce for about the Ben Cho they knew.

He was somebody who could really command a room, and make everyone laugh, and just really make you feel like a best friend, extra special, within your first meeting.

As evidenced by tween author Felicia’s post(having read the book, I never in a million years thought they’d play up the dark side/seedy subplot with 20 F’ words needlessly peppered throughout, and I’d visited the site too; (after the fact on revisiting, I saw a teeny tiny ‘R’ in the very corner of the promo poster–and FFN indeed rated the R.) phthalates in all…Yet continue to shill for the Revlon ‘Breast Cancer Walk’ under the guise of being ‘good guys? Gee, since skin is only 1/20th of an inch thick, let’s slather ourselves with beauty products linked to questionable cancer/allergens/chronic illnesses, then celebrate the survivors?

I tend to agree with this article that says, ‘innocent until proven guilty’ should not apply to personal health question marks on unsafe chemicals.

(Realize I’ve posted that here and here, so this is the ‘action steps’ phase, with an ‘R’ for riled.) The ‘R’ is also for Roberts, the film’s Director, for ‘really long’ (see interview) and for ‘roundup’ of theatre showings opening this week in Portland and Dallas due to their ongoing bait and switch tactics to give lip-service to carcinogens in cosmetics associated with breast cancer.

And then there’s the letter ‘V’ that, um, …got them the ‘R’ in the first place…;-) Yes, the movie merits a teen ‘talkover’ or media deconstruction for that ‘eww’ moment in pursuit of ‘the designer V’ but I still say, you’re fooling yourself if you think subject matter like that isn’t discussed in locker rooms already…

He would cut my hair, give beautiful tattoos, make me clothes, make the most delicate drawings. Olivier Zahm The creative scene 10 years ago was very friendly.

It was a community of people and Ben created for that community; he was a direct mirror of the friends and family around him.

Ok, I’ll grant you, Revlon makes a lot of money for the cancer cause, but…ugh. Wait, it gets better…er…worse: Revlon recently came out in force with other powerful cosmetics lobbyists to but it was just shot down by mega-giant cosmetic lobbyists, including the pinkwashing practices of Revlon. Turning this one over to Lisa Ray at PEM…I guess it’s no huge surprise in a world where Shrek hawks fitness and junk food to kids simultaneously and the ‘alliance partners’ include Burger King, Coca-Cola and Hershey’s. But at least junk food companies SEE they’re under the piercing glare of child advocates and watchdogs and KNOW disconnects like this are offensive.

Revlon’s covert ops on the legal lobbying is downright insulting and cowardly coming around the backside like that to zing in the 11th hour. As ATB Director Darryl Roberts points out, “…Since pleas for incorporating social responsibility into the corporate model have fallen on deaf ears, we have to now implement personal responsibility. Why is it so important to get this message out to youth?

Whether it’s cooking a pot luck to a photo shoot to working on a collection, he was always there to give a helping hand.

He was a super funny person who loved to play games at the drop of a hat.

A designer first who came of age alongside other uncompromising talents like Susan Cianciolo and Miguel Adrover, Cho was also an artist, a downtown raconteur, a bon vivant, a DJ at his popular Smiths night at Paul Sevigny's Sway, and a general mischief-maker who, in the words of designer Humberto Leon of Opening Ceremony and Kenzo, "loved to play games at the drop of a hat." His death came as a shock not only because of his age—he was only 40—but because he was one of those local characters you expected would always be around to add color and creative sparkle to the city, his adopted home.

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