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It is unclear how the website obtained the pictures, as it is being said, only Baxter and Budden had copies.However, recently Hollyoaks has shown a notable rise in quality, producing several satisfying story arcs and interesting characters.It has even garnered critical attention in papers such as The Guardian, and at several award shows, and was praised for its portrayal of the gay relationship between John Paul and Craig.You dont seek out and beat them into a miscarriage. We're going to have to start tagging these athletes to slow down those Kardashian sisters. Budden should be charged with murder, regarding the death of their unborn child and assault for what was done to Baxter. He went into explicit detail on a sick song, bragging and laughing about beating her and causing the miscarriage.

Budden also did a very distasteful radio interview laughing about the serious incident in a manner denoting mental illness.

They have been working against this though, attempting to tastefully deal with more serious matters and direct people to the appropriate charities for the equivalent problems that do exist in real life, such as the male rape storyline being created with advice from Survivors and Maxine and Patrick's domestic abuse storyline being added to with a series of awareness ads with the Home Office.

It has tried to launch several spinoffs but the only one which still continues, with a short series every year, is Hollyoaks Later.

Given the plots of the series manning that hot-line must be the easiest job in the world.

After all how many teenage-schoolgirls-being-blackmailed-by-their-birth-mother-into-stealing-their-own-baby-that-is-being-passed-off-as-your-sister's-child-over-the-fact-that-you-shot-the-baby's-father,-also-your-sister's-husband-at-their-wedding are there out there just waiting to phone in.

The show is primarily aimed at young people, the cast being on average teenaged to mid-20s.

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