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The evidence against him gets stronger, when several employees appear as witnesses saying that he threatened to kill them.All the jurors are staying at the Holiday Suite in the section that is being remodeled.

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That’s not to say they’re false, but if you expect people to believe this, you need to provide some actual proof. He ties them up and attempts to stab them with a sharp jagged knife.He tells them that he committed these terrible murders and framed Carl Wayne Bishop because he thought there was no way of truth and justice in the world.With Peanut's help, however, they manage to subdue Frank and knock him unconscious.Tommy is given a check for his contribution in the case and Monica starts dating Tommy.Later that night someone meets another man named Frank who thanks him for volunteering to do jury duty on his behalf while he was on vacation, only to be killed with a stun gun.

The killer is revealed to be Frank, the man Tommy was looking for.

After many delays, the other jurors become increasingly angry with Tommy, especially Monica (Tia Carrere), whom Tommy had fallen in love with, and threaten to throw him out of the jury unless he finds a better way to prove Bishop's innocence.

After reading up on the law and further investigating, both of which activities are prohibited under standard instructions to jurors, Tommy finds some evidence after seeing a picture of Carl Wayne Bishop on the window of a store, finally convincing the jurors that Bishop is not guilty; they celebrate.

Critic Roger Ebert said, on At the Movies, that Pauly Shore was the "cinematic equivalent of long fingernails, drawn very slowly and quite loudly over a gigantic blackboard" and noted that although his co-host, Gene Siskel, disliked Chris Farley, he would "rather attend a dusk-to-dawn Chris Farley film festival than sit through any 5 minutes of Jury Duty".

Siskel agreed, referring to Shore as "aggravating".

The other jurors immediately think that Bishop is guilty and want to vote straight away.