Who is dawn french dating now

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Just days after they got married, it’s been revealed that Dawn French is already set to leave new husband Mark Bignall.

She later won a debating scholarship that brought her to study at the Spence School in New York.

Last year, Dawn French described her partner as "the only man who hasn't seen me on TV".

She said: "I definitely didn't think I would meet someone else.

In 1985, French starred with Saunders, Tracey Ullman and Ruby Wax in Girls on Top, which portrayed four eccentric women sharing a flat in London.

On their show, the duo have spoofed many celebrities such as Madonna, Cher, Catherine Zeta-Jones and the Spice Girls.

French and Saunders shared a flat whilst at college and were influenced to do comedy by their flatmates as part of their projects for college.

After talking in depth for the first time, they came to be friends.

French has been dating therapist Bignell since 2011, following her divorce from Lenny Henry in 2010 after 25 years of marriage.

Jennifer Saunders and Kathy Burke are said to have been among the wedding guests on Saturday.

Saunders has described the act, which involved wearing tampons in their ears, as "cringeworthy".

The manager of the club recalled, "They didn't seem to give a damn.

One episode featured a parody of spaghetti westerns and another a black and white film about a hopelessly goofy boy.