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In the series, he is the co-protagonist and antihero.In the beginning, he viscerally hates Goofy, and tries unsuccessfully to oust him from his house so he can build a fine fishing reserve in its place.

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Peg Pete (voiced by April Winchell) is Pete's wife and the mother of both P. When Goofy briefly left Spoonerville, Peg married Pete and settled down. Pete absolutely adores Pistol and gives her any and everything she wants without question and calls her nicknames like "daddy's little princess." Pistol is very cute, talks with a lisp, and is hyperactive like many happy children – that does not mean she is a morally disruptive little girl.

Dana Hill, who provided the voice of Max, died on July 15, 1996 at the age of 32, after suffering a massive stroke related to her diabetes.

The Goof Troop premise was also incorporated into 1999's Mickey's Once Upon a Christmas and its 2004 sequel, Mickey's Twice Upon a Christmas, the latter continuing Max's age-progression to a young adult that has recently started dating and is reluctantly bringing his girlfriend home to meet his father.

Both films are spin-offs of the series and take place a few years after the series.

The two movies featured Bill Farmer, Rob Paulsen and Jim Cummings reprising their character roles from Goof Troop in these two movies, with Jason Marsden providing the voice of a now-teenager Max.

Pete's wife Peg is a play on "Peg Leg Pete," one of Pete's names in the classic Disney shorts.

Likewise, his daughter Pistol is a play on another such name, "Pistol Pete." The town of Spoonerville is named after layout artist J.Reruns of the series later aired on The Disney Channel (starting on September 3, 1996), and later on sister cable channel Toon Disney.Reruns were shown on Toon Disney until January 2005.A Christmas special was also produced, which aired in syndication on November 1, 1992.Walt Disney Pictures released two films based on the television series: the theatrical A Goofy Movie, released on April 7, 1995; as well as the direct-to-video sequel and television series finale An Extremely Goofy Movie, released on February 29, 2000. become best friends and do practically everything together.Goof Troop bears similarity to several early-1950s Goofy cartoon shorts which depicted Goofy as a father to a mischievous red-haired son. A large portion of humor comes from the relatively normal Max's personality sharply contrasting with his father.