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I’m a 13-year-old kid riding my BMX bike with a buddy one night, and he puts on the cassette. At the same time, I could never do anything but music. At 42, and with two kids, I’d rather to a festival or an outdoor venue.Now, I love all types of music, but there are only a few bands that have been life changing to me. So the ironic thing is, here I am now and I’ve been playing with Bret for ten years. You have to evolve with your genre and your generation.

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And while I was dealing with how that event was going to affect my children, all I kept hearing over and over from people was, “Oh, don’t worry. And it just started to make me mad, to be honest with you.

“It’s like the never ending tour,” Evick says, estimating that they perform upwards of 200 shows each year.

He credits the intense schedule to Michaels’ tireless drive.

They are Kiss, Van Halen, Bon Jovi, Twisted Sister and Poison. It’s been a twisted path, and it’s ended up almost right where it started. And I’m not saying I would have ever given up, because rock and roll is in my blood, but there is that point in your life where you stop chasing that dream, and maybe I was almost there. And again, the way you do that is by not faking it.

And when I heard Poison for the first time that evening, riding my bike on the street, it blew my mind. You say to yourself, “Okay, I’m never gonna hit the big stages…” And right when I was approaching that moment, the opportunity came to play with one of the biggest heroes I had growing up. It’s become so much bigger than I could have every dreamed. The Bret Michaels Band has been enjoying success with a country crossover hit, “Girls on Bars.”That’s the new single, and I was very fortunate to be able to play guitar on it, as well as engineer, produce and mix the record.

“I’m constantly amazed and thankful that I get to play music I love for a living, and I get to do it with someone I admire, and for people all over the world,” he says.

“It’s just an awesome thing.”GUITAR WORLD: What led you to write ?So they got together and we all sat around in this room and they wrote the song. One of those, you work hard all week, when the weekend hits let’s go have a party and blow off some steam. So it’s been really cool., and it’ll be out in about six months.So we recorded this song and took it down to Nashville. But the first single, which is also the title track, will be released June 23. But then as you get older you become a singer, a songwriter.It’s an insightful and brave effort, laying bare the realities of what can happen when the rock and roll fantasy life crashes hard into the real world.caught up with Evick while the guitarist was in Nashville with the Bret Michaels Band.The song was “Cry Tough,” and over the years I’ve played that song in talent shows, I’ve played it in all my bands. I have a friendship with a guy I’ve looked up to my entire life, and we get to write and play music for people everyday. For me, as different types of music came in through the years…I mean, I appreciated grunge. And the thing is, Bret had had a rough winter, man.

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