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But if you can make it to NOLA on the week before Easter, you may be able to grab a bowl of its gumbo z’herbes, a rarely seen green gumbo made for Holy Thursday, and preserved in the culinary tradition of the region by Leah Chase, the restaurant’s matriarch.Our NY editor Andrew Zimmer spent the summer eating his way through lobster roll joints all around the East Coast, which is alarming in its own right, but also makes him a verifiable expert in the field, and through all his travels, he never encountered anyone more passionate about lobster than Steve Kingston, the owner of The Clam Shack.

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There are seven ridiculously tasty spots in Denver to snag tortilla-wrapped heaven, but you can't go wrong at El Taco de Mexico, with a chorizo, rice, beans, and egg burrito smothered in green chile.

Here are the must-eat foods in every state (and DC).

We debated everything from West Indies salad at Bayley's, to BBQ with white sauce at Big Bob Gibson’s, to fried green tomatoes, well, everywhere.

Eventually, though, we landed on fried catfish and hushpuppies, a specialty up and down the state’s muddy rivers and an iconic Southern plate of golden fried food.

Ezell’s Fish Camp now has multiple locations, but go to the original in tiny Butler for the true experience.

If we were judging biscuits alone, Silver Skillet might get the nod (we're suckers for grandmothers' recipes), but the total package is at Home Grown, whose massive buttermilk-brined chicken breasts sprawl onto a bed of biscuit, then get drowned in sausage gravy that tastes just as good as it looks.

With respect to laulau, poke, loco moco, Spam musubi, and plate lunches everywhere, the most delicious of all the famously iconic Hawaiian foods has to be its take on the Portuguese donut known as the malasada.

Just because Tampa invented the Cuban sandwich doesn't mean its crazy contraption with salami is the best.

No, the honor for best Cuban sandwich -- and food item -- in the state goes to a Cuban made in Dade.

Opened in the ‘30s, the family-owned restaurant (and, initially, family-run fishing camp) hauls the giant fish out of the nearby Tombigbee, fries up the filets, and serves them alongside dense hushpuppies. Sure, you can find some shady roadside stand peddling black bear jerky or a sausage made from one of Santa's reindeer, but the move here is to honor the fishermen who risk their lives trolling for Alaskan king crab, a crustacean that's perhaps the most dangerous thing to fish for in the entire ocean.

The place to go is Tracy's King Crab Shack, where the "Best Legs In Town" slogan isn't an exaggeration.

And unlike some chains that shut the breakfast hose off at 11am, it doesn't have to be breakfast time for you to to order one -- it serves the morning meal all day long.