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White label dating splashpage - daughter dating a felon

To seek shelter, Aang's group arrives at a little Earth Kingdom village controlled by the Fire Nation, but they are arrested and taken to a prison for Earthbenders surrounded by earth because Katara tries to help a young boy escape from Fire Nation soldiers.They incite a rebellion by reminding the disgruntled Earthbenders that Earth was given to them.

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They almost fight before Iroh appears and tells Zuko it's not worth it.Seeing the light that appeared from Aang's release, Zuko and some Fire Nation soldiers arrive at the Southern Water Tribe to demand the villagers hand over the Avatar.Aang reveals himself and surrenders to Zuko on the condition that he agrees to leave the village alone.With the cloud covering their escape, Aang escapes with an unconscious Zuko into a nearby forest and watches over Zuko until morning, when he leaves to reunite with Sokka and Katara.Zhao tries again to kill Zuko, this time by rupturing a gas pipe running through Zuko's quarters on Iroh's ship.After a few agreements, a waterbending master, Pakku, teaches Aang waterbending.

Katara also becomes a much stronger and more powerful waterbender due to her training with Master Pakku.A century has passed since the Fire Nation has declared war on the other 3 nations of Air, Water, and Earth in their attempt to conquer the world.Zuko is the scarred 16-year-old exiled prince of the Fire Nation on a quest to find the Avatar and bring him to his father, Fire Lord Ozai, so he can regain his honor.During the prison break, Zhao realizes that Zuko is the masked vigilante.He arranges to kill the prince, first by having a crossbowman fire a bolt over a huge distance that shatters the lower half of Zuko's mask and knocks him out, however Aang uses his skills to bend a cloud across the bridge connecting the prison to the other side of the valley, causing the Fire Nation soldiers in pursuit to stop in fear.Aang and his new friends visit the Southern Air Temple where they meet a winged lemur, who Aang later names Momo.

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