Wechat girls id in 2013

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Wechat girls id in 2013

The specials sections gives you access to decent reductions on products available from Tencent’s online B2C platform (website in Chinese).There are best buys, brands and other assortments as you browse the app looking for deals. You can purchase various emoticons and add these to your messages.

This suggests that every Chinese smartphone user has a We Chat account with the other 100 million accounts dotted around the world. The app also automatically connects contacts stored in your phone.A lot of the same people have accounts on different platforms, but it just shows how dominant Tencent are.In fact the latest figures released by Tencent show that in Q4 2013 We Chat had 355 million active monthly users reflecting the expansion of users outside of China.This lets you share a moment in your day with all your contacts.And finally from a social point of view you can do what one of my colleagues said, “add a selfie”! The average user might only use We Chat as they do Facebook.It’s also possible to buy movie tickets through the app.

We Chat set up its own online wealth management fund called Li Cai Tong (理财通).

i Phone Android Community Q&A This wiki How teaches you how to change your We Chat ID after completing the initial signup process.

You may only change your We Chat ID once after your account has been created.

They can keep in contact with friends and family, share moments in their life and make new friends. We Chat as a payment platform The ‘My Bank Cards’ section lets you add your bank card details to We Chat.

You can then use this to pay for products and services through your phone using Tencent’s Tenpay online payment service.

Tencent has one other IM app, QQ, and also two social networks, Qzone and Tencent Weibo.