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Status: Entry Reference: BUGTRAQ:19971010 Security flaw in (wwwcount) Reference: CERT: CA-97.24.Count_cgi Reference: XF:http-cgi-count Reference: BID:128 Reference: URL: Description: Local user gains root privileges via buffer overflow in rdist, via expstr() function.

Web cam tell to do nologin-89

Status: Entry Reference: CERT: CA-98.05.bind_problems Reference: SGI:19980603-01-PX Reference: URL:ftp://com/support/free/security/advisories/19980603-01-PX Reference: HP: HPSBUX9808-083 Reference: URL: Display.do? Web Servers Reference: XF:nt-web8.3 Description: Stolen credentials from SSH clients via ssh-agent program, allowing other local users to access remote accounts belonging to the ssh-agent user.

Status: Entry Reference: SGI:19981006-01-I Reference: URL:ftp://com/support/free/security/advisories/19981006-01-I Reference: CERT: CA-98.12.mountd Reference: CIAC: J-006 Reference: URL: Reference: BID:121 Reference: URL: Reference: XF:linux-mountd-bo Description: Execute commands as root via buffer overflow in Tooltalk database server (rpc.ttdbserverd).

Status: Entry Reference: NAI: NAI-29 Reference: CERT: CA-98.11.tooltalk Reference: SGI:19981101-01-A Reference: URL:ftp://com/support/free/security/advisories/19981101-01-A Reference: SGI:19981101-01-PX Reference: URL:ftp://com/support/free/security/advisories/19981101-01-PX Reference: XF:aix-ttdbserver Reference: XF:tooltalk Reference: BID:122 Reference: URL: Description: MIME buffer overflow in email clients, e.g. Status: Candidate Phase: Modified (19990621-01) Reference: CERT: CA-98.10.mime_buffer_overflows Reference: XF:outlook-long-name Reference: SUN:00175 Reference: MS: MS98-008 Reference: URL: This issue seems to have been rediscovered in BUGTRAQ:20000515 Eudora Pro & Outlook Overflow - too long filenames again

Status: Entry Reference: CERT: CA-98.08.qpopper_vul Reference: SGI:19980801-01-I Reference: URL:ftp://com/support/free/security/advisories/19980801-01-I Reference: AUSCERT: AA-98.01 Reference: XF:qpopper-pass-overflow Reference: BID:133 Reference: URL: Description: Information from SSL-encrypted sessions via PKCS #1. PKCS Reference: MS: MS98-002 Reference: URL: XF:nt-ssl-fix Description: Buffer overflow in NIS , in Sun's program.

Status: Entry Reference: CERT: CA-98.06Reference: SUN:00170 Reference: URL:

doctype=coll&doc=secbull/135 Description: ** REJECT ** DO NOT USE THIS CANDIDATE NUMBER. Reason: This candidate is a duplicate of CVE-1999-0032.

Notes: All CVE users should reference CVE-1999-0032 instead of this candidate.Christey BID:124 Consider MSKB: Q154174 BUGTRAQ:19971113 Linux IP fragment overlap bug Description: Land IP denial of service. Teardrop_Land Reference: FREEBSD: Free BSD-SA- Reference: HP: HPSBUX9801-076 Reference: URL: Display.do?doc Id=HPSBUX9801-076 Reference: CISCO: Reference: XF:cisco-land Reference: XF:land Reference: XF:95-verv-tcp Reference: XF:land-patch Reference: XF:ver-tcpip-sys Description: FTP servers can allow an attacker to connect to arbitrary ports on machines other than the FTP client, aka FTP bounce. FTP_bounce Reference: XF:ftp-bounce Reference: XF:ftp-privileged-port Description: Buffer overflow in statd allows root privileges.So, CVE-1999-0257 and CVE-1999-0052 may be the same, though CVE-1999-0052 should be RECAST since this bug affects Linux and other OSes besides Free BSD.Frech The description for BID:190, which links to CVE-1999-0052 (a Free BSD advisory), notes that the patches provided by Free BSD in CERT: CA-1998-13 suggest a connection between CVE-1999-0001 and CVE-1999-0052.CERT: CA-1998-13 is too vague to be sure without further analysis.

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