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"Well, I've got some good news for you, your face, is definitely not missing any parts! She wasn't intimidating at all, but she was still very much in control of her position. He stood up from the exam table and took his shoes, jeans and boxer-briefs off and stacked them on the chair. "Okay now come over here and stand in front of me, we're going to check you for hernia's," she said, sounding completely professional with a casual ease. He couldn't believe that he had his cock out on display for a sexy, young female doctor. The way Doctor Kelly's legs are crossed in front of you. "Now, we always use a glove during the prostate exam but for the hernia check I prefer to use my bare hands so I can better feel for any small irregularities I might find when you cough, okay?

He was desperately trying to keep his cool around the most stupidly attractive doctor he had ever seen. "Occasionally," Ethan smiled, as if to say, 'yes, duh, I'm 25, who doesn't drink? "I am, I have a girlfriend," he said, though he wasn't sure why he felt like he needed to say that. " She asked, completely naturally and without any pretense. Do you feel tired or lethargic or do you feel like you typically have lots of energy during the day? "Everyone peaks at different times and goes through stages where they have more or less sex." "Yeah, no of course," Ethan shrugged it off.

Ethan understood why the tests were necessary, but there was just something about having some old, wrinkled male doctor grabbing your balls and asking you to cough or shoving his lubed finger into your ass that absolutely horrified him.

When they finally called his name, Ethan finished his paper cup of waiting room water and tossed it into the nearby trash. She was a cute redhead with short straight hair and a friendly bounce in her step.

"Hi, nice to meet you," Ethan responded trying to sound collected.

Before he was worried because he'd have some old man fondling his balls and ass, but now his fear fell on the other end of the spectrum.

She'd brought them down below his sack and ask him again.

She repeated this process over and over again, having him cough at different times.

After the cute redheaded nurse had finished her part of the job, she led Ethan to a room at the end of the hall and informed him that Doctor Kelly would be right in to see him.

He sat up on the rolled paper that ran down the center of the exam bed as he tried taking slower and deeper breaths to calm himself.

His doctor was not an old, Midwestern white guy pushing 80 and shooting for 20 more.

Rather, his doctor was a gorgeous woman in her mid-30's with long black hair and light, tanned skin.

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