Views in youtube not updating

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Then they decide to repost it and you look even worse because it looks like it was part of your movie in the first place.Those are just a few reasons we might want to remove ads from our own You Tube videos.

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It’s the same on You Tube since it’s part of the Google ad network.That means someone who spends the week researching new cars might see ads for Chevy, Ford, and Mercedes even though he spends the next few days looking at real estate sites.That can cause confusion with certain sensitive material.One parishioner called the church to say that an ad for an adult product was running over one of the church sermons.It wasn’t anything illegal, but it was nothing the church wanted to be associated with.If you want to turn off ads on the videos of others you’ll need to email them a copy of this article so they can follow the same steps.

There are dozens of third-party apps that claim to turn off ads or block ads from You Tube.MAKE SURE YOU SAVE CHANGES before you leave this page otherwise the settings won’t take.You’ve followed all these simple steps but you still see ads on your videos and you want to know why.None of them are licensed or approved by You Tube and in my experience (an avid user of You Tube since day-1) none of them work for very long.Some are actively maintained, so when they break the developers update them to work again – but those fixe are short-lived; and using those apps tend to be more frustrating than the good they purport to do.Great question – and this is a source of frustration and confusion for many people.

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