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-- Michigan coach Jim Harbaugh says it was an "egregious" hit that injured Wilton Speight and that the facilities at Purdue weren't sufficient to handle the Wolverines quarterback's injury."If I had a stronger word to use, I would use it," Harbaugh said Monday afternoon."With all the emphasis on protecting defenseless players, it appeared that the player knew what he was doing. [Speight] was on the ground, and he accelerated."Speight left Saturday's win over the Boilermakers after he was sacked in the first quarter.

You don’t want to overtake your guests’ precious fridge space, but you also want something that has some weight to it and feels tangible in the magical realm.So Jesse hand-wrote a note that read: “Enclosed is a magnetically enchanted ticket!Use this as a reminder to set this date aside for the whimsical marriage of [Name] & [Name]. I scanned the note, multiplied it, and printed it on red cardstock which we cut into strips. This furniture must be secured to the wall with the enclosed wall anchoring device. load/shelf is valid only when the wall shelf is mounted vertically.Using technology in the classroom is one of those issues that makes it easy to be a fence sitter. =D When it came time for our Harry Potter themed wedding stationery, naturally, the first place to start was a Save The Date magnet!

=D The Hogwarts Express ticket, as seen in the Harry Potter movies, was so inspiring and a natural fit. But some people had been using them as invitations, and the small amount of information on them made them a better fit for the save-the-dates, in my opinion.

Bought this to put some of my collection on couple months ago. Recommend pick up some weight holding sheet rock screws if you plan put weight on it. Different wall materials require different types of fasteners. Narrow shelves help you use small wall spaces effectively by accommodating small items in a minimum of space.

Hung it horizontal and took off the slats for more room to showcase some memorabilia. Choose whether you want to place it against the wall or hang it horizontally or vertically.

The original Hogwarts Express ticket has gold details, and it was imperative that ours had these as well.

This wasn’t a printing job that I would trust to some generic, online printer.

In addition, doctors worry that children who use devices at a very young age become more focused on learning to select and swipe than on developmental processes, like handwriting and shoe-tying.