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Setting it to 1 disables batch updates, as rows are sent one at a time. Batch execution has the same effect as the execution of each individual statement.Executing an extremely large batch could decrease performance. Statements are executed in the order that the statements were added to the batch.

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When updating a database with changes from a Data Set in previous versions of ADO. Therefore, only one event fire for the next row, until all of the rows are processed. NET allows a Data Adapter to group INSERT, UPDATE, and DELETE operations from a Data Set or Data Table to the server, instead of sending one operation at a time. Every row update involved a network round-trip to the database. NET 2.0, the Db Data Adapter exposes an Update Batch Size property. Product Category " _ & "WHERE Product Category [email protected] Cat ID;", connection) adapter. If no rows are being processed, throws an Argument Null Exception.The reduction in the number of round trips to the server typically results in significant performance gains. Setting the to 0 will cause the Data Adapter to use the largest batch size that the server can handle. Use the Row Count property to return the number of rows processed before calling the Copy To Rows method.When performing a batch update, the command's Updated Row Source property value of First Returned Record or Both is invalid. Product Category (Name) VALUES (@Name);", _ connection) adapter. An exception may be thrown if a non-supported statement is submitted for execution.The following procedure demonstrates the use of the property. Data Adapters and Data Readers Updating Data Sources with Data Adapters Handling Data Adapter Events ADO.The basic idea behind this article is to workout with ASP. Though I had faced lot of difficulties in this but still I can say it is far better then ASP. Grid View control gives you Edit, Update, Delete, Sorting, Selection and Paging facility built in.

Net 2.0's Grid View Control than the Data Grid Control in ASP. As I had worked with Data Grid Control so I knew how difficult to work with it in same project. The main difference between Data Grid and Grid View control is that the first one has central event handling which means any event raised by control inside the Data Grid's template column will be handled by Item Command event of datagrid.Net1.1 's Datagrid call the Item Command of Mastergrid.And it will not call the Row Data Bound of Master Grid so your child edit grid for that particular row will not bind to datasource. Now, here you in Row Command of child grid you have to rebind the grid with the datasource.It sets the Public Sub Batch Update( _ By Val data Table As Data Table, By Val batch Size As Int32) ' Assumes Get Connection String() returns a valid connection string. Dim connection String As String = Get Connection String() ' Connect to the Adventure Works database. Above code will be used when user hits on Master Grid Edit button.

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