Vampire diaries paul dating

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Vampire diaries paul dating - Teens boys chatcam

After she is freed from his control, she starts dating Elena's ex, Matt - which isn't especially good for her inferiority complex.

Caroline is also very close with Stefan and she is often seen as Lexi 2.0 for Stefan."I get it, this is your life now. My life is an absentee mom, and a bunch of bills to pay, and school, and a job, and it sucks sometimes, but it's my life and I think that I just want to live it without all this. Matt was willing to give Elena space after the death of her parents, hoping that the two might eventually get back together.She is a young, bubbly, spunky, shallow human turned vampire.Caroline is a similarly rich and privileged young woman.Elena is a 17-year-old popular, beautiful human girl.She is the main protagonist and heroine of the series.Elena's little brother took their parents' death poorly, falling into self-destruction and drug abuse.

He also fell in love with the troubled and older Girl Next Door, Vicki Donovan.

A photo of the couple in an intimate embrace, saw the 29-year-old Australian actress gushing: 'My heart is so full.'The announcement comes just months after Claire split from husband Matt Kaplan, just shortly before their one-year wedding anniversary in April this year.

Claire revealed to Instagram in July that she was dating Andrew, a real estate executive and the ex of Amanda Seyfried, via a series of vacation snaps in Italy.

At first, he kills a lot of people in Mystic Falls, but later moderates his behaviour for a number of reasons - though he remains dangerous.

When he wants to, Damon can be charming and hilarious...

Stefan tries to avoid drinking human blood due to the fact that he hates hurting or killing anyone (, choosing to feed from the blood of animals instead.

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