Validating sql stored procedures

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Type-safe SQL parameters can also be used with dynamic SQL. The problem is more severe if your application uses an over-privileged account to connect to the database.

If the SSN input is from another source, such as an HTML control, a query string parameter, or a cookie, you can constrain it by using the Regex class from the System. The important thing to do is use parameters with stored procedures.

If you use regular HTML input controls, use the Regex class in your server-side code to constrain input.

If in the previous code example, the SSN value is captured by an ASP. Regular Expressions; For more information about how to constrain input in your ASP.

In the preceding code example, the input value cannot be longer than 11 characters.

If the data does not conform to the type or length defined by the parameter, the Sql Parameter class throws an exception.

In this case, SQL ignores the closing ' (single quotation mark) character, which would otherwise cause a SQL parser error. NET applications for type, length, format, and range.

By constraining the input used in your data access queries, you can protect your application from SQL injection.This page may contain URLs that were valid when originally published, but now link to sites or pages that no longer exist.This How To shows a number of ways to help protect your ASP. SQL injection can occur when an application uses input to construct dynamic SQL statements or when it uses stored procedures to connect to the database.Countermeasures include using a list of acceptable characters to constrain input, using parameterized SQL for data access, and using a least privileged account that has restricted permissions in the database.Using stored procedures with parameterized SQL is the recommended approach because SQL parameters are type safe. Use Parameters with Dynamic SQL Additional Considerations Additional Resources A successful SQL injection attack enables a malicious user to execute commands in your application's database by using the privileges granted to your application's login.Note When constraining input, it is a good practice to create a list of acceptable characters and use regular expressions to reject any characters that are not on the list.

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