Uw dating scene

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: There are a LOT of vegans, vegetarians, and those who live gluten-free lives in Seattle. Majority of people are either grad students or working.

TINDER | Dating, relationships, and everything in between; fast-paced Tinder allows you to only send and receive messages from people you’ve mutually swiped ‘yes’ to.

2) Nonprofits: There are countless nonprofits in the area that employee a big chunk of the city—most spurring from Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation funding.

If you work for a nonprofit you are likely to be obsessed with a certain social cause and really into recycling.

5) Bellevue YSA: This is the larger of the Eastside wards and most people are working at companies based in the Bellevue or Redmond area.

They also host most of the regional activities since the temple is close by.

1) Amazonians and Microsofties: If you work at Amazon or Microsoft you either love it or hate it.

You also can’t have too much of a social life, because you work all the time.

It’s 12 days until Valentine’s Day and if you’re on the hunt, there’s definitely still time to find someone to spend it with! What happened to developing a crush, investment, and meet-cutes?

For Seattleites who have a busy schedule, recently moved to the city, or just don’t meet new people in their everyday lives, dating can be tricky. I guess it’s the way of the future and I need to come to terms with that.

We have plenty of fresh air, trees, mountains, and lakes to go around.

When the weather is nice, there are a million things to do and beautiful places to explore.

For the rest of year, eating out and movies are commonplace. Soccer is also a huge deal in Seattle—most natives played soccer in high school, and it’s safe to say that more people have been to a Sounders game than a Mariners game. And when it does rain, don’t use an umbrella or people will judge you. We have a metro bus system, but it’s not the easiest to navigate—especially if you live or are trying to get outside of the city. —————————– THE CHURCH SCENE : There are several choices, so hop around a bit before you settle in.