Updating your computers clock

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Updating your computers clock

In 1953 a second NTSC standard was adopted, which allowed for color television broadcasting which was compatible with the existing stock of black-and-white receivers.NTSC was the first widely adopted broadcast color system and remained dominant until the 2000s, when it started to be replaced with different digital standards such as ATSC and others.

The NTSC selected 525 scan lines as a compromise between RCA's 441-scan line standard (already being used by RCA's NBC TV network) and Philco's and Du Mont's desire to increase the number of scan lines to between 605 and 800.is the analog television system that is used in North America, and until digital conversion was used in most of the Americas (except Brazil, Argentina, Paraguay, Uruguay, and French Guiana); Myanmar; South Korea; Taiwan; Philippines, Japan; and some Pacific island nations and territories (see map).The first NTSC standard was developed in 1941 and had no provision for color.The compatible color standard retained full backward compatibility with existing black-and-white television sets.Color information was added to the black-and-white image by introducing a color subcarrier of precisely 315/88 MHz (usually described as 3.579545 MHz or 3.58 MHz).The National Television System Committee was established in 1940 by the United States Federal Communications Commission (FCC) to resolve the conflicts that were made between companies over the introduction of a nationwide analog television system in the United States.

In March 1941, the committee issued a technical standard for black-and-white television that built upon a 1936 recommendation made by the Radio Manufacturers Association (RMA).

The CBS system was incompatible with existing black-and-white receivers.

It used a rotating color wheel, reduced the number of scan lines from 525 to 405, and increased the field rate from 60 to 144, but had an effective frame rate of only 24 frames per second.

In the complete raster (disregarding half lines due to interlacing) the even-numbered scan lines (every other line that would be even if counted in the video signal, e.g.

) are drawn in the first field, and the odd-numbered (every other line that would be odd if counted in the video signal, e.g.

Most US NTSC broadcasters were required by the FCC to shut down their analog transmitters in 2009.

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