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The grating splits the light from the white backlight into a spectrum.The red, green and blue components are diffracted into the correct positions to illuminate the corresponding pixel with R, G or B.

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The first early prototype was unveiled by the project's founder Nicholas Negroponte and then-United Nations Secretary-General Kofi Annan on November 16, 2005, at the World Summit on the Information Society (WSIS) in Tunis, Tunisia.

Instead of using subtractive color filters, the display uses a plastic diffraction grating and lenses on the rear of the LCD to illuminate each pixel.

This grating pattern is stamped using the same technology used to make DVDs.

The LED backlight in the XO-1 is easily replaceable, rugged, and inexpensive.

The remainder of the LCD uses existing display technology and can be made using existing manufacturing equipment.

According to Computer Aid International, in a test conducted in April 2009, the device was ranked as the most power saving among other information and communication technologies in education solutions.

The XO-1 is designed to be low-cost, small, durable, and efficient.In addition to a standard plug-in power supply, human power and solar power sources are available, allowing operation far from a commercial power grid.Mary Lou Jepsen has listed the design goals of the device as follows: Various use models had been explored by OLPC with the help of Design Continuum and Fuseproject, including: laptop, e-book, theatre, simulation, tote, and tablet architectures.An ATA interface is unnecessary due to the lack of hard drive. Comparison of the XO-1 display (left) with a typical liquid crystal display (LCD). A typical LCD addresses groups of 3 locations as pixels.The OLPC XO LCD addresses each location as a separate pixel The first-generation OLPC laptops have a novel low-cost LCD.During this time, the project mission statement changed to remove mentions of "open source".

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