Updating rady nas firmware

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Updating rady nas firmware

Every hour, this feature automatically deletes older hourly, daily, and weekly snapshots according to the following rules: The Smart Snapshot Management feature does not delete manual snapshots.

In fact, we can think of several situations where it makes sense to consider buying two smaller Ready NAS units, instead of one big one and letting one serve act as backup for the other, keeping them in separate areas of your office.

Snapshots contain references to data on a shared folder and record changes to the data each time a snapshot is taken.

In addition to the automatic snapshots, you can create a manual snapshot at any time.

For the first couple of days after we set up Ready DR, we checked the Ready DR folders to ensure the backup data was there.

After that, we let the systems take care of themselves.

In one case, we were switching out a router on our network and while it looked like the Ready NAS servers were on line and functioning properly, we got an automatic message from the server that the Ready DR function had failed overnight.

That led us to discover that the servers were off line from the Ready Cloud system which we immediately fixed.

You have the same snapshot history in the Ready DR backup as you do in the original.

You can retrieve previous versions of a file in the same way you can retrieve previous versions through the original snapshots.

The Ready DR Snapshots compliment the Backups of your Shares.

In the event of a catastrophic loss of your primary Ready NAS, you could use the last backup and the Ready DR of the Snapsots to recover all of your data.

Before we talk about how Ready DR, which is a major new feature in the OS 6.6 release, let’s review what Ready NAS Snapshots are.

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