Updating file in jar

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In other words, a shared library module named 'foo' will generate 'libfoo.so'.IMPORTANT NOTE: If you name your module 'libfoo', the build system will not add another 'lib' prefix and will generate as well.

Note that the build system will automatically add proper prefix and suffix to the corresponding generated file.

This document describes the syntax of build file written to describe your C and C source files to the Android NDK.

To understand what follows, it is assumed that you have read the docs/file that explains their role and usage.

That file is placed in a directory that is included in your Java CLASSPATH.

The content of the file looks something like the following: The current version of Xalan (2.7.0) does not resolve URIs from the command line using the catalog file.

As such, you should try to minimize the variables you declare there and do not assume that anything is not defined during parsing.

- The file syntax is designed to allow you to group your sources into 'modules'.However, if the same URI is used in a stylesheet processing instruction inside the document (instead of using the URI syntax (even on Windows).If you have more than one catalog file, then separate the URIs with spaces in the environment variable.All of the Java XSL processors can use the Java resolver classes written by Norm Walsh and made available through the Apache XML Project.Download the latest version of file tells the resolver where to look for catalog files and sets configuration options.the files under: Here, we can see: - The 'src' directory containing the Java sources for the sample Android project.