Uk dating datingdirect

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Uk dating datingdirect - dating amp relationships site map

This is by far one of the WORST dating sites that you could ever get on.There is nothing real about the site, and they are simply after your money.

This is a terrible website, and you should stay AWAY at all costs.

The whole process is nerve wracking, and being on the website is a real headache.

The worst part is that you will never get what you came for, which is to find a date.

If you are successful in finding the email to contact support, you can be sure that 99% of the time your emails will not be answered.

In the unlikely event, you do get a response; nothing helpful will have materialized out of your contact.

Your search will yield results for women that are nowhere close to your type despite specifying what kind of woman you are looking for.

In addition to this, there are most probably no women in your area. There have been numerous complaints about the unethical practices on this site.It is definitely a website designed to con you of your money.If you do make the mistake of including your email address or other contact in your sent mail, it will not be delivered.This makes it very difficult to set up a date with a girl you like.Click here for a list of the Best dating sites in the UK The website is also very secretive.