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With his darker-toned skin and Arabesque features, new boy Mike Fontana is almost sure to be a hit with those with a more exotic taste in boys; and sure enough Vitali Kutcher can’t resist hitting on the lad when he enters the changing room of the local baths and discovers him mopping the floor.

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In the distance thunder rolled but, while the sun was completely obscured, the odd effects of the eclipse were not.Crowd-controlling barricades had been erected, streets had been closed off, and signs along the I-29N - the main artery between Kansas City and St Joseph - flashed warnings of increased traffic glimpsed only fleetingly by the cars that flowed freely past.Records show overcast skies on August 21 occurred just once since 1995.If the young lad thinks this is going to be your average kind of house-call, however, he’s in for a big surprise.Examining the parcel, the recipient quickly discovers that there’s a problem – the contents (a bottle of the finest lube) having oozed out all over the place.The life of a courier isn’t always easier – as young Connor Rex discovers when he quite literally has to pedal up hill and down dale during the sun-filled opening moments of this energetic fuck-fest.

Indeed, it’s little wonder that he’s only too happy to sit down and take a break whilst he waits for Bjorn Nykvist to check the contents of his delivery – given all the cycling he’s done it’s a wonder he’s not totally exhausted!But let’s not forget about our furry friends’ most underappreciated asset: they’re total dude magnets.On this glorious sunny day in the park, Tyler is perfecting his already-rock-hard body with an outdoor workout while Max and his chihuahua Jake are enjoying the fresh air. It’s been a while since we last saw Helix model Aaron Felix.Now that they’ve built a strong foundation it’s time to take it to the next level.Join us for the special moment when Cooper lubes up Dalton’s meaty cock and slowly squeezes every thick inch into his hungry hole for the first time. Dogs are known as “man’s best friend” for their unconditional love, loyalty and general adorableness.As twilight descended a small flock of songbirds, flew low over the cars and sky gazers, seemingly panicked, darting towards the ground.

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