Tom leykis dating single mothers

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Tom leykis dating single mothers

If you’re a young or inexperienced guy, you’ll have no such toolkit to draw upon.

If you don’t mind regular drama in your life, you’re probably reading the wrong blog anyway.) I could go on, but you get the point. A lot of you seem to think that OLTR is somehow “better” than MLTR. If you don’t want an OLTR, that’s great, don’t have one.I always cringe whenever I see a guy in his twenties on a blog or message board announce that he has an OLTR or worse, a monogamous girlfriend. You don’t want things blowing up in your face when you’re in your twenties. If you have strong game, this won’t be a big problem.Use that time to be free, have fun, get laid, and get shit done, not have a girlfriend, and certainly not have a wife. If you have weak or intermediate game, this could be a serious problem, thus you would not have an OLTR until such time as your game gets stronger and you can bring in new FB’s as needed despite the increased difficulty of doing so.The next time you have questions or objections about having an OLTR (a live-in OLTR or standard OLTR), remember that OLTR’s are only for older men who have stronger levels of game, and then see if your question answers itself. That you’re not at the highest level of Alphaness or badassery if you don’t have an OLTR and have MLTR’s instead. Stick with MLTR’s instead, which are just as good as OLTR’s, if not better in terms of masculine freedom.MLTR’s are just as good and just as “Alpha” as OLTR’s, . Also, monogamy doesn’t work, as I’ve proven perhaps thousands of times in my writings.It is the greatest disadvantage to living with a woman.

This means you’re going to have to delve into your relationship toolkit and use other options for conflict management.

I’ve often discussed the requirements a woman must have for a long-term, serious OLTR relationship, such as low drama, reasonably low jealousy, sex positivity, a long track record of dating you before she ever becomes an OLTR with near-zero problems, and so on.

However, I have not discussed an equally important aspect of OLTR, and that is the requirements must meet in order to have one.

When I talk about OLTR’s, I’m only talking to men who might actually want OLTR’s, You should instead focus on the other relationship management topics I discuss, which apply to FB’s and MLTR’s, which are also awesome.

A lot of conversations in the comments on this blog are blown to hell by guys bitching about OLTR’s .

Yet another reason why younger men shouldn’t even mess around with OLTR’s at all.

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