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If you use Social Media, you can monitor what others are saying on your behalf and this gives you options to deal with the situation.It can be as simple as removing a tag or politely asking a friend to remove a photo.

Virtues of Social Media include the ability to express ourselves and to share information in interesting and creative ways personally and for business, but on the flip side, mistakes have harmed people of all ages and businesses too.

Use strong passwords, change them as often as practical and keep personal information used in security questions away from your Social Media We inadvertently post answers to our security questions on Social Media and this can easily compromise important accounts.

For password do’s and don’ts, read, How to create strong passwords and general password guidelines7.

Students have been expelled, employees have been fired, political careers have been ruined and innocent and malicious posts have turned deadly, as in the case of teenage suicides from Cyber Bullying.

After the buzz dies down, it doesn’t disappear as posts remain on the Internet ready to resurface at any time.

Here are some examples of concrete descriptions you may need to teach them: Interested: • Giving strong eye contact • Leaning forward to hear what is said • Smiling • Flipping or touching hair • Laughing at your jokes • Other person initiating conversation Not Interested: • Looking away • Turning or moving away • Leaning back • Looking unhappy • Having arms folded • Not responding when talked to It’s important that a teen or young adult understand also that obsessive or passionate interest in another person who is not responding in the same manner can be considered stalking or threatening.

If your child is over 18 this type of behavior can result in legal issues.

However, it is still necessary to explain about romantic behaviors and sexual feelings when they are teenagers, so that they can understand the behaviors of those around them.

As well, they may develop these feelings as they get older.

I recently provided 6 tips on how to protect your privacy and security on social media. Be selective when accepting friends or contacts on Social Media The motivation behind some friend or connection requests may be unacceptable or sinister so don’t feel obligated to accept each one. To protect the privacy of your friends and contacts, avoid giving social networking services access to your address books Be aware that you are sharing your contacts when you allow Social Media sites to invite your contacts to join or when you allow that site to identify which of your contacts already use their service.4.

Before authorizing an app, understand what information you are giving it access to 6.

In my upcoming blog-post in a few weeks, I’ll be discussing sexuality.