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Quite different considerations must come into play when there is a handicapped child in the family, especially if it is a youngster who requires a lot of extra services both in and out of the home.In this case non-handicapped siblings can be resentful of the time spent on their brother or sister. They feel that often they are receiving only surface attention, that the parent is not really alert to their needs.

she must stop and hug all of her children, hugs soon become somewhat meaningless in that family.

My mindset turned my life around.'Lastly, Ms Yeung said you should avoid giving up.'People were telling me about a "man drought" happening in Sydney [when I became single] (not true by the way).

'Friends would either look at me sympathetically or try to set me up with their only single friend.

There are two important points to be emphasized: (1) Don’t expect to be great in everything; (2) recognize and develop those areas of strength you do have, Help your children make similar comparisons among themselves in the hope that they will have greater understanding and respect for each other.

(“My brother gets all A’s in school but he sure can’t hit a baseball.”) It’s also okay to mention your weaknesses.

There is one critical point that should be made and emphasized in all such cases.

Whatever time and effort is spent with the handicapped child, it is done with the goal of improvement-of making the young- better able to function independently. the demands on his parents will decrease commensurately, freeing them to devote more time to other members of the family.

The term sibling refers to children who are related and living in the same family. Think back to Biblical times and Joseph’s problems with his brothers or of the dreadful time Cinderella had with her stepsisters!

It seems strange that whenever the word sibling comes up, the word rivalry seems sure to follow despite the fact that there are many solid sibling relationships in families (brothers and sisters who like and enjoy one another). Siblings don’t choose the family they are born into, don’t choose each other.

Ever since we decided that sibling rivalry is normal, we’ve had a terrible time figuring out what to do about it.

However, here are some do’s and don’ts that may be helpful in dampening down sibling rivalry within a family: For additional help see Helping Your Child With Socialization.

And when one of the non-handicapped siblings is involved in a school or community function, the parents should make every effort to be there no matter how much advance planning is required. Take your clue from the youngster who is involved in the function-it’s his night. Talk openly about this reality with your children so they can begin to develop appropriate expectations for themselves.