Thousand arms dating walkthrough

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Thousand arms dating walkthrough - carbon dating the turin shroud

Weapons in Thousand Arms have levels independent of the character who wields them, and they have to be leveled by getting Meis to re-forge them.

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Critical Rate I imagine you understand, but Multi-Attack is basically a middle option, doing more damage than a regular attack but less than a critical will.

No sense in using unfair status effects when the hero has no backup, after all.

There's also a bunch of knife thugs out on the world map, but aside from just showing off their appearance, there's nothing much to say about them.

Part 4: The Ruins I'll be taking the opportunity provided by the first ruins to describe some of the basic mechanics of Thousand Arms in this update. You may notice that it looks rather empty at the moment, and that a couple buttons are just ??? I should add that neither the "spell" nor the "party" buttons do anything just yet, either, plus the item list only has 5 potions in it. Most of these are self-explanatory if you've ever played an RPG before.

EP stand for "elemental points," the mana of Thousand Arms, and Elemental Power=spell power.

Here's something pretty interesting: at the top center of the second floor of the dungeon, there's an NPC who doesn't seem at all bothered by the monsters that have taken over his mine.

In fact, he'll let you sleep in a spare cot to get your hit points back (don't get used to this kind of convenience).Save Damashi: My Ki Nd Ex Is T a Ll Ov Er Th E w Or Ld.Ta Lk To Th Em In Or De R t O s Av E y Ou R g Am E.I should also note that basically every yellow dot on the map is a location we can visit eventually. So here we have your average, everyday dungeon, this one based around being a mine.Dungeon loot is basically the opposite of town loot: instead of clicking on random objects hoping for an MP drop, you find chests full of restorative items and the occasional accessory.It's not quite explained, but it seems to reset the fighter's arrows whenever it appears, on both you and the enemy.

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