Thomas edwards dating consultant

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Thomas edwards dating consultant

It’s always better to push yourself and fail than to play it safe.

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In the end, the more you fail, the more likely you are to succeed, and it starts with consistent actions.

is the founder of The Professional Wingman, a social strategy consultancy helping singles develop better social skills to improve their professional, social, and romantic relationships.

An leading expert in dating and lifestyle strategy, peers, colleagues and media have deemed him, the “real-life Hitch.” Thomas has been a Founders Card Member since 2012.

It’s a thrill when someone goes from a shy guy who is unsure of himself to an energetic and engaging gentleman within a couple hours.

Seeing the look on a client’s face after he or she is able to secure a date’s number is priceless.

At that point, I had enough of disappointment and started a journey of discovering my identity, my true confidence, and making sure I lived a life full of emotional wealth and stability.

I wrote a blog, chronicling my journey each step of the way, slowly growing a readership that began asking for advice.Shortly, after starting my company, I ended up meeting a woman on Twitter (Laurie Davis) who was an online dating coach .I liked what she was working on and figured there was potential to collaborate and share clients since we complimented each other so well. The courtship process lasted a month before I finally decided her and I should date. Look out for my fiancée’s piece about our relationship in Glamour UK coming out in the fall.At The Professional Wingman, we help people develop better social skills by going out with them, acting as their wingman, and giving real-time feedback on how they can make their interactions consistently better.We typically use dating as the driving force for their development because most people equate a large part of their overall success to a healthy, romantic, long-term relationship.If you’re not willing to grow, you’re not a good fit for our services.

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