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Thebookaboutonlinedating com - asian dating in cape town

I was aghast at Webb's treatment of these women for her own purposes, but I shouldn't have been.In her listing of 72 traits she wants in her ideal man, she makes her values clear.

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If I just date enough men, she rationalized, I will eventually meet my match.

Partly because I like funny lady memoirs, partly because I’m always into people who are smart enough to game things—especially Internety things, b I met my boyfriend online.

When people are skeptical or amazed by this (especially my friends who do date online and haven’t had much luck) I tell them that online dating is easy.

She really only changed her profile from a resume format into something much more approachable (you know, into one that another human being might actually want to talk to), and dropped a wad of cash on a new haircut, some make-up, and new clothes in order to make her not so frumpy. I have no clue what type of person would enjoy this book. Well, this was a very sweet story, but I don't think the author is taking her own advice that correlation does not equal causation.

Oh, sure she throws in a bunch of algorithms and mathematical mumbo jumbo that nearly bored my drawers off, but at the end of the day? (although she does claim to be a fan of Arrested Development as well), and that her ideal mate might look a little something like this guy . The library challenge which does not kill me only makes me stronger!!!!

Almost as mean-spirited as her merciless mocking of these women's profiles, who never intended to put themselves out there for such a purpose.

...abide by these things called "ethics" - which would not allow duping all those women because you can't get a man.Partly because I like funny lady memoirs, partly because I’m always into people who are smart enough to game things—especially Internety things, because that requires a much higher level of math than my brain can fathom—and partly because I wanted to know how Webb was successful with online dating, since I’ve also been successful with it.All in all, Webb’s book is a really great read: honest, funny, sad at times, and really really smart. And then she conversed with other women on the site as a guy for “research” which bordered on Catfish for me.However—the way Webb went about “gaming” online dating included making 10 male profiles and email addresses so she could scope out her female competition. Read the rest of my review here I agree with these comments offered by another reviewer: "I realized I was feeling really, really bothered by this book.I think it goes deeper than frustration with her neuroticism and lack of social grace. Here's the problem I have with memoirs - why do average Joes think their story is the one that should be told . This book is supposedly about a woman who managed to "game" the system of online dating in order to land herself a hubby. Webb came off as a pathetic, jealous schoolgirl who thought it was soooooo unfair that all the pretty girls were getting "likes" instead of her . Oh, and I can't forget to mention the author has been with her spouse a whopping 8 years. Not compromising about some simple things like your spouse enjoying sports (or whatever the case may be) because you fear that will leave you with "too many Sundays" spent by yourself. It seemed to me she pretty much got lucky and fell in love with the first guy she went out with after she rewrote her profile.

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