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Template changes not updating

We will not go into too much detail here since the install wizard (at least the windows one) is pretty good. You can use something like psql or the pg Admin query window to create a database and spatially enable your database.This is the way to go if you have only a terminal interface to your db or you have a butt load of extensions you want to enable.

In a nutshell it adds spatial functions such as distance, area, union, intersection, and specialty geometry data types to the database.A store inventory sheet is a document which enlists all the details of your stock either it’s a shop or a business.Using a store inventory sheet reduces the risks running a shop; on the other hand it shows when to buy more goods.As of this writing Post GIS 2.2.0 is the latest stable release.Noteable features in this release: We will assume a windows environment for this tutorial, but most of the tutorial will apply to other supported platforms such as Linux, Unix, BSD, Mac etc.Your psql steps would look something like this: To install a bunch of extensions, just open up the pg Admin SQL Query window (which we'll cover shortly) or psql and run this including only the extensions you want.

CREATE DATABASE gisdb; \connect gisdb; -- Enable Post GIS (includes raster) CREATE EXTENSION postgis; -- Enable Topology CREATE EXTENSION postgis_topology; -- Enable Post GIS Advanced 3D -- and other geoprocessing algorithms CREATE EXTENSION postgis_sfcgal; -- fuzzy matching needed for Tiger CREATE EXTENSION fuzzystrmatch; -- rule based standardizer CREATE EXTENSION address_standardizer; -- example rule data set CREATE EXTENSION address_standardizer_data_us; -- Enable US Tiger Geocoder CREATE EXTENSION postgis_tiger_geocoder; -- routing functionality CREATE EXTENSION pgrouting; -- spatial foreign data wrappers CREATE EXTENSION ogr_fdw; -- LIDAR support CREATE EXTENSION pointcloud; -- LIDAR Point cloud patches to geometry type cases CREATE EXTENSION pointcloud_postgis; Postgre SQL comes packaged with a fairly decent admin tool called Pg Admin3.

This feature is only available if you have installed the (this is located in C:\Program Files\Postgre SQL.x\share\contrib) (Admin Pack) in the postgres database .

To install it --- switch to postgres database and run this command in the sql window of Pg Admin or using psql: Now we have a nice fully functional GIS database with no spatial data.

---END FOR LINUX USERS --- You will notice one of the files it extracts is called BOUNDARY_

A is often included with ESRI shape files and tells you the projection of the data.

This is useful when, for example, you are syncing your Campaign Monitor lists with an external list, allowing you to accurately determine the time on our server when you carry out the synchronization.

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