Talk your children dating after divorce

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Talk your children dating after divorce - the dating board game

"We didn't talk to Mikaela until the week before he moved out, and I think that was the best choice," she says."Since she only knew for a short time, she didn't have to worry about it and mull it over."Though there's never a "good" time, there are bad times: school days, right before you head off to work, just as your child is going to dance class or soccer practice, or just before bed.

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Yet school-age kids can be surprisingly resilient and able to adapt.School-age kids know that divorce means their parents' marriage has ended.They may have friends whose parents are divorced and may be familiar with the concept of a mom and a dad living apart."Expect them to be most interested in how their own lives will be affected," says Leah Klungness, a psychologist and coauthor of .They'll be anxious about things like where they'll live and go to school, and they'll likely have a lot of detailed questions for you, so be prepared with some answers.Most important is to assure them that they'll be cared for and loved, no matter what.

Don't be surprised if your child shows signs of insecurity or regression, becomes extra mischievous, uncooperative, or clingy, or seeks a lot of attention from you and others during this difficult time.While it may seem more honest to err on the side of full disclosure, the uncertainty of hearing "Dad and Mom are getting divorced" will unnecessarily confuse your child.Susanna Cox of Abingdon, Virginia, mother of then-7-year-old Mikaela, kept mum until she knew the date when her ex would be leaving.Even the most amicable of separations creates an earth-shattering change for any child."The major divorce issues are change and loss," says psychologist Anthony Wolf in his book Kids find both to be very scary.Well, Daddy has decided that he needs to take some time and he's going to move out on his own.