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This is not an indication of a security issue such as a virus or attack.

One ring could mean, ‘I am here,’ two rings, ‘Call me now.'” And the name they gave this new entry in the beeping lexicon?

The beeping boom is being driven by a sharp rise in mobile phone use across the continent.

Africa had an estimated 192.5 million mobile phone users in 2006, up from just 25.3 million in 2001, according to figures from the U. Customers may have enough money for the one-off purchase of a handset, but very little ready cash to spend on phone cards for the prepaid accounts that dominate the market.

Borrowing a street slang term for an appeal for sex, they christened it “the booty call”.

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Then there are the names of those killed for refusing or not being able to withstand more gang rape, or those who wouldn't show raiders where the cattle were.

Others were shot for simply not being good enough as sex slaves, survivors said, with the elderly thrown into huts lit on fire to be burned alive.You beep someone when you call them up on their mobile phone -- setting its display screen briefly flashing -- then hang up half a second later, before they have had a chance to answer.Your friend -- you hope -- sees your name and number on their list of “Missed Calls” and calls you back at his or her expense.Girls, meanwhile, were generally assigned one "husband".Girls as young as 12 "were shared out among the soldiers, but the older ones of us were kept in the cattle camp", tied to each other in groups of about 25 and to a post, said Sarah, a 38-year-old mother of five. During one porter trip, Sarah decided to risk sudden death over a lifetime of rape and escaped.A military analyst in Bentiu - who spoke on condition of anonymity fearing reprisals - estimated that "thousands of women" and girls had been abducted and taken to military bases or cattle camps to become "wives or slaves".

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