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In some ways, as customers have shifted their viewing habits from TV sets to mobile phones, they’ve created an opening for an update of the classic cable TV bundle.Bundling is a common strategy in markets where customers can easily switch among competitors.

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For those addicted to see nimphos showing on cam and providing the best porn, this staggering collection of videos is stashed with such content.

Verizon (vz) and AT&T have broader national network coverage, but surveys have shown that coverage in any particular metro area can vary greatly, as can average download speeds.

So the Internet video free offers can be a great deal—if they coincide with a customer’s viewing preferences and wireless needs.

The female robots which talk and moan, are now on sale via the robotics company Synth Amatus.

For £2,500 (,300) customers can get their hands on their very own sex robot that, it is claimed, “likes to be touched” and can sense arousal.

AT&T got the party started back in April, giving free HBO to customers on its higher-end unlimited plan, then expanding the offer to customers on its lower-priced unlimited plan in September, just after T-Mobile (tmus) unveiled its free Netflix deal.

While an HBO Now subscription is the most valuable among the freebie offers, AT&T is also on the cusp of acquiring HBO’s parent company Time Warner (twx).Fantastic pornstar, should be so much more famous, what a girl!Woould love to grip her tight around the waist and slowly pull her cunt lips down around my engorged cock and begin pumping in and out of her until I climax and semen spurts into her vagina as she squeals (with delight of course). I have a bit odd fetish in that I like gals with quirky teeth such that she has. :)Que bella: what lovely green fuck-me-like-CRAZY eyes u have...Dr Santos told the Daily Star Online: “People can finally buy her now.“When people see her get aroused and excited, I’m sure it will feel surreal.”Ultimately, Dr Santos is hoping to sell his “very human” sex robots worldwide in adult shops.He has teamed up with a sex doll and robotics factory in China to produce “a minimum of 50 a week”.That’s a form of intelligence and personality.”There has been a recent outcry over some sex dolls and robots which have “child-like” features.

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