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Paul's earliest memories of his mother are of many people bringing her thank you gifts at her door for delivering their babies and Paul also remembers his mother riding her bike at 2 in the morning in the snow to go help deliver people's babies!Paul and his brother's last visit to see his mother was at the hospital and she was bleeding from her operation but nobody told Paul and his brother that she had breast cancer and was bleeding from her operation,and so Paul and his brother didn't know why she died!

Though "Live And Let Die" was used in "Shrek The Third", it was originally written for the James Bond film.Do me a favour: open the door, and let 'em in." Wiser words no human will ever again speak.So weird - as I type this Don Mclean's American Pie is playing on radio - I'm told it's about his reactions and feels of despair on hearing news that Buddy Holly (whose music rights Paul owns) had died in a plane crash. JUST TO CLEAR UP SOME SUBJECTS:* 'Wingspan-hits and history' is indeed very good.I've read that there's only one thing Paul does right handed - playing drums - and he does everything else left handed.Now Phil Colllins, Ian Paice of Deep Purple and Bun E.Paul and his brother were also not allowed to go to their mother's funeral and were not told where she was burried!

Paul's brother Michael says that right after their mother died Paul became depressed and withdrawn,and obsessed with playing his guitar.

Paul Mc Cartney, on behalf of People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA), placed a full-page ad in the Louisville Courier-Journal Thursday (July 24, 2003) critical of the practices of fast food giant KFC, who are headquartered there.

Said a company spokesperson, "Paul Mc Cartney is a music legend and he's entitled to his opinion, but we think he's misinformed.

"I am bringing a message of peace and I think that's what the region needs," he said.

"It's my own small way I can bring my message."In March 2008, Paul Mc Cartney has reportedly ended his 27-year feud with former Wings member Denny Laine.

The procedure, which opens up the arteries to allow greater bloodflow, was reportedly done at a private London clinic and was described as "routine" (40,000 are done in the UK alone every year). Calling it, "a vital part of local community life," Paul Mc Cartney is helping those waging a campaign to save his one-time post office in Liverpool.