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Accounts contain geographic, navigational, political, economic, cultural, scientific, and natural history information, as well as personal narratives and biographical data.

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Survey maritime art including paintings, jewelry, printing, textiles, object d’art, scrimshaw, ship models, photographs, drawings, sculpture, rope work, knot work, furniture, figureheads, porcelain, pottery, folk art, woodcarving.

Huntington, is to provide a research center for students, writers, scientists, and others pursuing various lines of maritime investigation.

In addition, it is to create a repository for reference materials to be used by the staff in connection with the identification, appraisal, maintenance and display of the Museum’s collections, exhibits and programs.

The Library collections consist of over two million items including books, magazines, rare books, manuscripts, maps and charts, vessel plans, newspaper articles, photographs, Chris-Craft archives, and The Mariners’ Museum’s archives.

The purpose of the Library, as envisioned by founder Archer M.

Search primary and secondary sources on voyages and expeditions that occurred over the past two thousand years.

Although the concentration is on the last four hundred years, this topic contains descriptions of all types of voyages: circum-navigational, trans-Atlantic, trans-Pacific, Indian Ocean, and polar.

Reconstruct the immigrant’s maritime experience, and in particular, emigration to North America.

View selected passenger lists and indexes, as well as books on immigrant ships, early trans-Atlantic migrations, and immigration law.

Review vessel histories and firsthand, press and photographic accounts of naval campaigns.

Analyze naval strategies, ordnance, the rise of the defense industries, and the development of submersible craft, steam powered craft, iron clad ships, air power, and battleships.

Discover the largest inlet in the Atlantic Coastal Plain of the eastern United States.

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