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Bodh-thiya Image Inscription of Melia' naman The Epoch oi the Gupta Era The His TOii Y and Date of Mihtuxkula The Mevntng of Bvppa and Bava A Selection of Kanarese Baliads; Xo. 239 •'V AVORTH DAMES, Evi , B C S , M R A S., I i M a . NUiirs Vla Vt.ndrapaia Har'ln '-Sara vat 15.5 loa^i •‘.1 Beneai A'latic Society's Plato of the uaja Vrixyakayal i . 13S ^ Manda-nr Iii" n’l^ttion of Kainara- i and Bandiiui arinan : the Maiava ' T3 and 529 ^ . 191 ' Alandd'Or Inscription of Ya-od Larnmn iniivardhana ; the M ilava year 5^9 222 , ALimla-or Pillar Inscription of Yas O- 253 ' Xo. When tlioy came to the place where they had first found him they were greatly surprised to see him sitting there working away at his patth as of old. “Never mind what has happened, hut come with us once more to whei-e we take you,” said the thags, “ and we shall make it all right for you.” So saying they took him to the river-side and gave him a string of beads, bidding him to continue sitting there telling his beads till he was sent for by his wife. Some time after they had depacted, it so happened that one evening, wdicn the princess was sitting on an open balcony with her lord, she expressed her desire t they journeyed once more to the city in whicli they had left him. o detail the conversation he had with his wife on that bright moonlight night ; how it had led to his real position in life being known ; how she had discarded him ever afterwards ; and how, fearing for his head in case tire king came to hear of it, he had run away from his wife, and had once more taken to his old profession of paiii weaving. The more the princess pondered over this incident the more she felt how heartless had been her conduct towards iier husband, till at last she despatched her horsemen to find him out and to exhort him to return to her immediately. At the request of the Editors I have prepared the following transcripts and translations of two copper-place grants of J a y a c h c h a n d ra- d e V a of Kan a u j fi'OJU photolithographs supplied to me. 2SG ; and the other grant (marked B) has been edited and translated in a most careless manner in tlie J jc.

Oh no, not for worlds ’ I have always thought it my duty to serve and nurse my sick husband, however wearisome the task might be.” When the princess hoard all this it brought thoughts of her own luisbaiid into her mind, and she began to redeet upon her conduct in deserting him merely because he happened to be a Hfvariya by trade, whilst that rich and beautiful woman, as she took the thag to be, nursed and ministered to the wants of her husband although he was a filthy leper.

Webe Es tran-Z^ion of the British National Anthem into Sanskrit * Note on the Svastika Pope’s Sacred Kurral ot Tim vail nvar Narayanar Note on the Archaeological Survey of lu'lia Vol. “ That loathsome leper your husband r” sneered the princess, with her nose in the air, and you are nursing him ‘r” “Oh!

The lady further inquired what relation the leper was to her, to which she replied that ho was her hus- band.



The Biugalfur plite of Xa Pv \y^n ipala ^ Xote on the Ka-miri Port ible Brazier The Vi] lyanagara Genenlo'e-y ...

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