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Shanghai dating men for men - top 10 dating books for men

I am an expat businessman, just landed in shenzhen and interested in meeting the right lady. I am like to act just simple.speak truth because I hate lie.

He accepts the offer, and is missing from the rest of the season. She ran away from home when her father forced her to marry against her will, and met Zhanbo on the bus.He gets together with Nuolan in the fourth season, but always feels that he still likes Yifei. She is a Ph D graduate who works as a lecturer at her university.She is tough, aggressive and very competitive, with many of her friends jokingly saying she has the strength worth two men.She found various work and eventually got a job as a writer for a fashion magazine.She is smart and charming, but often thinks and acts naively and unrealistically in everyday life due to being raised in a wealthy family.In the end of season 2, he won ¥5,000,000 from a TV program called Who Wants to be a Millionaire, but lost the money due to one of his fans named Huang Baoqiang winning it all away.

At the end of season 3, the new co-host of his radio show, Nuo Lan, falls in love with him, but Xiaoxian has a hard choice whether to accept her or continue trying on Yifei, but deep in his heart, he knows that he truly loves Yifei and not Nuolan.

He first met Wanyu on the bus trip from the airport to the apartment, and fell in love with her.

He eventually confessed his love to her at the end of season 1, which she accepted.

The series uses a cinematic-style of approach with fast-paced editing and transitions, much like the British comedy series Spaced.

There are also frequent references to more recent events and culture in China.

She is into fashion designing and likes Tarot/star sign predictions. In the finale of season 1, she accepts Zhanbo and they go on a vacation around the world together as a couple.

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